Saturday, October 20, 2012

4th and Final Q&A

I wanted to go ahead and address the questions that I know people will ask, or the ones that you're afraid to ask.

So to start off with - YES - we are PREGNANT! And YES, we are ECSTATIC!

NO, this is not child #12, it's #4.

YES, we do know what causes this and NO we are not quitting that.  ;)

YES, this baby was very planned for, hoped for, prayed for and wanted!! Took us longer than the other boys so we're happy to be here.

NO, we were not "trying" for a girl. We would be so happy with another boy. When we decided that we wanted to have another child, gender was not a factor in making the decision.  We had an early miscarriage right before this pregnancy, so we really do just want a baby, regardless of the gender.  4 boys would be a blast, and easier as far as gear and experience. But having a girl, with all the bows and purple (not pink), would be a fun change of pace, and a good thing for our boys to experience. So you can see, we're fine either way!!!

YES, we'll find out what we're having, as soon as possible.

YES, we've told the boys. They are very excited about it, especially Eric. He likes to tell people that mommy has a baby in her tummy, or he adds the line "and one on the way" to just about anything we're asked.

NO, we will NOT go for #5. We both feel comfortable saying that this is the final addition to our family. :)

As for the official stats -

I am about 6.5 weeks along. Because I have a history of miscarriages, I've been monitored closely with frequent blood tests. My progesterone levels were low, so I'm on a supplement pill for that, which I'm pretty sure is making me super duper nauseous All.The.Time!

We're due June 11, 2013.

Our first doctor's appt and ultrasound are on November 7th. :)

We'll keep y'all posted! :)