Monday, April 25, 2011

My Jakey

This face kills me, every time!

He's really been my main motivation to blog again. Jake is almost 17 months old, and he's such a spunky, bright, flirty, hilarious, and wonderful little guy. The list that I'm about to make may only be exciting to his mother, but I'm going to write it all out so I can put it in his baby book.

Jake talks a lot! He has been chatting it up for a while now. He'll say things like "where d' go?" "there i'is". He says book, dog, harley (the dog's name), cookie (which is LOVES).....and on and on. Sometimes, the mumbling sounds like a full sentence, but doesn't make too much sense yet. He knows the sounds that a bunch of animals make, and he signs (and says) please, thank you, more and help.

He calls Eric and Nick "bubbus". He loves his big brothers. As soon as we pull into Eric's school, he starts to get excited, yelling "bubbus", and waving his hands frantically. It usually takes another five minutes to get to where we see Eric, at which point Jake goes into a happy fit. The feeling is mutual between the two, so this interaction is always special. It does a mom's heart good!

He loves books and being read to, but his favorite book is The Belly Button Book. He can spot it from across the room, will do his excited dance, and then beg you to read it to him. If you haven't seen it before, it's about little Hippos that love their belly buttons. In the book, the tiniest hippo calls his a "bee-bo". So Jake says "boo-ba" (instead of bee-bo) and points to the hippo on each page. Then when you get to the page where they yell "Belly Button", he yells this strange concoction of sounds that mimics BELLY BUTTON! Of course, once is never enough. And when we're tapped out, he'll read it to us, complete with "boo-ba's" and yelling. :)

Jake can spell....sort of. I spend so much time spelling both my first and last name that Jake has picked up on it. While on the phone with the doctor's office last week, Jake chimes in mid-"stein" and says "E, I, E, M, R, I". It caught me off guard I couldn't help but laugh. The receptionist had to ask me if I was ok. So now, if you ask Jake to spell Steinmeyer, he says "E, I, E, I" (and then a few sounds like M and R).

His favorite game is "this little piggy". Daddy taught him. He anxiously sits through the first 4 toes, and then says "Wee Wee Wee, alllll dwahom".

Something he is NOT good at....Growing Teeth! He got his first tooth at 15 months, and the next 3 followed soon after. He cut 4 more last week, so we're up to a whopping 8. He's not a happy teether either. He knows what helps, like the motrin or teething gel, and will ask for it.

He's also do I put it?? Passionate! This kids got a temper. He's been seen throwing himself to the ground, scrapping up his head in the process. We just walk away because addressing it and giving him that attention just makes it worse. But he doesn't like being ignored, so he'll crawl to where we are, kicking and screaming the whole time, until he sees us, and then thrown himself on the floor again. It's ridiculous. He'll throw his food, plate and all, if the food isn't to his liking or it's too hot. For a little while, he'd slap me full in the face if I told him no. He's stubborn and emotional.....good times ahead, for sure.

But he's also my sweetest and most cuddly of my 3 boys. He loves to kiss and hug. If I am holding him, and talking to someone else, and he decides he wants a kiss, he will use both hands to pull my face to him and kiss me square on the lips. If I tell him I want a kiss on my cheek, he says no and maneuvers my face so he can plant a big one on my lips. He'd friendly to anyone he sees, and flirts with any girl that gives him the time of day. He does a sweet wave, gives a big grin, then squishes his cheek to his shoulder in a cute little coy way. The girls don't stand a chance....

Jake loves music and dancing. If the car is quiet (which is rare) he points to the radio, dances, and says "more please". He then rocks out, swaying back and forth, and's pretty cute. He has a pirate bear in his room that sings an entire verse of "hot hot hot". The bear freaks him out. He actually shudders in fear and runs away. But he really wants to like it, so he very cautiously will ask you to push the button in the bears hand. At a safe distance, he then gets really groovy, butt shaking and everything. I've gotta get it on video. BUT, if the bear is not in the right place, he gets worried, as if the bear has come to life and moved his location. He likes knowing where it is, but doesn't want to touch it.

Allright - enough Jakey updates for now... :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shocking....I know

I know, I's been 6 months since I last posted. My computer crashed on thanksgiving day, literally. Jakey decided to cure me of my intense emotional connection to pictures and pull our laptop from the couch to the ground. The painful part was that we had JUST gotten it back the night before from a friend who had cleaned it up and made it good as new. For the next 3 months, I took that darned hard drive to 5 different computer "experts", and no one could recover the files, even with the price tag of $1600. (we didn't have to pay that, but would have if the files were recovered). So we lost an entire year of pictures....JAKE'S entire first year of pictures. Still makes me a little sick to say (write) that out loud! It was a hard blow, and one that I've had a hard time recovering from. It took away all my desire to blog. BUT, if there's one thing I've learned from this whole mess, it's to put your priceless pictures in as many backup places as possible, like facebook and blogs. So, once again, I'm gonna try.

To be honest, my kids are freakin' hilarious, and I need a place that's quick and easy to come and write down and share their funny stories, and voila, my blog. :) It might be totally random, it might make sense...who knows, I may only have 1 person reading this anymore, and that's probably my mother-in-law. :)

stay tuned....