Sunday, November 14, 2010


Here's some pics of my cute kids from Halloween

Ever since Eric hurt his foot a couple of months ago and had to wear an ace bandage, he's wanted to be a mummy. Of course, Nick wanted to be one too. It was a cheap and easy costume, and they never lost interest, so that's what they were.

I am glad we took a picture at the beginning of the night, because they were such a mess by the end. Here's the beginning of the night -

Nick's "scary" face

Eric is a little "spookier"

No mummy for Jake, he was a giraffe, and an adorable one at that!

This is our traditional Trick-or-Treating picture. The kids keep getting bigger, and so does the number of kiddos. There will be another one on that seat next year too. (NOT from me!!)

Our little mummies tripping over there bandages:
Nick took it like a champ. Eric was mostly just disappointed in us for not creating the most amazing, fool-proof, true-to-life costume. He's a perfectionist. I say it added a very cool effect. We totally planned it like that. ;)
Here's the "after" shot. Those costumes never stood a chance!