Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The last week of school

The boys sure loved going to preschool last year...most of the time. Eric kept track of each day, and would ask if that was it for the week. I think he mostly hated missing out on the playdates that Nick and I would go on. But once he got to school, he had a great time. Nick, on the other hand, wanted to go every day. His best friend was in his class, and he loved his teachers! We had a TON of crafts coming home each week, about 12 "projects" each week between the 2 boys. I took pictures of them all, saved just a few, then "recycled" the rest.

The boys on the first day of school, and then the last day of school.

Every day of Eric's last week had a different theme. Monday was pj's and movie day.

Nick didn't want to be left out, so he dressed the same as Eric all week.
Wednesday was Circus Day, so crazy socks and hair!

The last day was Hawaiian shirt day.

Eric's wonderful teacher, Miss Sharon

Eric's good friend, Matthew

After taking his picture with Matthew, I asked him if he wanted pictures with any more of his friends. He says, "Um...just the girls now." Such a ladies man! :)

Nick's favorite teacher, Miss Sheila!

Nick's favorite part of school, share time!
Eric wearing his "ducky class" ducky hat gift.


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