Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's only been 2 months, and I've been wanting to post my pics from Easter for a while, so here it goes. Looking back, it's going to be an extra special Easter because we had Jacob and Leslie with us. But it was also our Jake's first Easter! :) We ran out of time to dye eggs before Sunday, but since we don't really do anything with them anyways, we decided to dye them on Easter night. It actually worked out quite nice. The hunt begins......Nick handles a minor setbackEric getting some support from Uncle Mickey
Check out that loot! We need some cousins around. This candy lasts us a long time. :)
The Fam! :)
"Dude, I didn't get any candy."
Time to dye eggs!
Yes, they named their eggs, and most of them after friends. :)


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