Monday, May 17, 2010

Jakey at Bath Time

Jake LOVES bath time! He either gets tossed in the shower with Matt or myself, but mostly, he gets tossed in the kitchen sink. I'm sure he'd be perfectly happy sitting in there all night. He's fascinated by the "shower" effect of our faucet.

I think it's worth mentioning that the first 2 pictures were taken a month earlier than the last 3 can tell by the extra "chunk" :)

Oh - and I DO do my dishes. Bath time is usually right after dinner time, so there's always a sink-full to clean. That's life!
I should take this time to document Jakey's schedule, and man does this kid love his schedule. We are a very busy, on-the-go, spontaneous family. Working with a specific schedule has been challenging, but really great at the same time. Chances are, if he's fussing, I know why depending on the time. And most days he doesn't get to have his perfect routine. But when we have a "down" day and he gets his full naps in his crib, he's one happy baby. So here's Jake day in a nutshell. And yes, I know I'm very fortunate!!
Wake up between 7 and 8 and eat
Around 9am, goes down for a nap. This is the most difficult because of preschool drop off and/or playdates. For a while, I was able to get him to go to sleep in the sling for his morning nap, but that's getting more difficult. Ideally, he wants to go back to sleep, on his tummy, in his crib, and will sleep until 11 or noon. I know...great....when it happens!
So then he's up for a little bit, he eats, he plays, we run errands, pick up brothers from school.
Around 130 or 2 (but sometimes it doesn't happen until 230), he wants to be asleep, back in his crib, on his tummy, "Leave me alone!". He'll sleep until 5, when I usually go wake him up. I know....awesome!!
So now he's awake and eats, sits at the table with us and watches us eat or plays in his nearby exersaucer. He's just recently started eating food (that will be another post), so that keeps him occupied. It also gets him use to sitting at the table with the family, which is important to us.
After dinner, it's bath time, one last nursing session and then same ol' same ol' - hugs and kisses, put him in bed, on his tummy, with his little snuggle blanket, and "Leave me alone!" Lights out at 7pm........until the morning at 7am. I know....beautiful!! :)
He's been keeping with the same routine since 7 weeks old. Right after our CHOC experience, we had a rough month where he had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, but we got through that. I really can't complain a bit! Right now, he's teething, so every now and then he just wants to snuggle (FINE BY ME!), or he gets up extra early, like 5am (NOT fine by me!). But overall, you won't hear me gripe.


Blogger Joe said...

so cute

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Blogger Joe said...

so cute

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