Wednesday, February 03, 2010

RSV - the whole story

What a week this has been. One week ago from right now, I was just noticing that Jake had a tiny, scratchy cough. We had his 2 month check up the next morning, so I would bring it up then.
At his dr. appt. (Thursday), I asked the doctor about it, and we both agreed that it sounded very insignificant. He got his shots, and spent the rest of the day acting fussy. We figured it was because of his shots.
On Friday and Saturday, his cough persisted, but it was dry and sounded pathetic...still didn't seem major. The biggest issue at that point was that he was not nursing well AT ALL! He was refusing one side and barely eating on the other. And he was sleeping like junk!
On Sunday, all 3 boys and I stayed home from church to try and get some sleep. Matt was on call, so attempting church with all 3 by myself (one of them being sick) didn't sound doable.
Around 330pm, Jake started coughing and it kept building. He couldn't get ahead of the cough, and he starting choking, turning a deep deep red (almost purple). I panicked and started giving him swift blows to the back trying to get him to breath. Once he got through that, he continued coughing for a solid minute. In that minute, the older boys had their shoes on, the dog was kenneled, and I was in the front yard looking for a neighbor to help me. Jake calmed down enough for me to make several quick phone calls: Matt at work, mom, Megan, and my doctor. After speaking to the nurses at our doctors office, they told us to leave immediately and get to Urgent Care. We got in really quickly (a baby with breathing problems is top priority), and the dr. there was concerned enough to send us straight to the ER.
Once in the ER, we were seen really quickly too (I barely unwrapped my food when we were called). The dr. in the ER thought it was RSV, possibly pertussis (whooping cough), and he wanted to have him observed for a night. I happily agreed, as I did not want to handle another choking incident on my watch. CHOC was busy, so we had to wait several hours before a bed was available.
Sleeping in the ER

We were initially put in a room with another patient, but since we were still testing for pertussis, they moved us to our own room. From that moment on, I felt like we had the plague. My lunch would be dropped off at the door and they would leave. But that also meant we had rooms to ourselves for the entire stay.
Jake hadn't eaten well in days, and there were no signs that it was changing soon, so he had to get an IV put in.
Soon after that, he was given the little oxygen tubes since his saturation levels weren't what they should be.
I watched this machine constantly! The first number is his heart rate. There were times on Monday that his heart rate dipped down to the 40's....SCARY!! For a few hours that evening, it yo-yo'd. He would go from 140-130-100-90-70-60-50-40- and then up slowly. In the end, the doctors were confused by it, which is never good. It could have been something he normally does, or even a machine fluke. We still don't know, but at least we didn't see any dips on Tuesday or Wednesday.
The middle number is his respiration rate, basically how hard he was working to breath.
And the last number was the big one for us, it's his oxygen saturation rate. You want the number as close to 100% as possible. In the urgent care, he was initially in the 80's and the dr wanted to transport him via ambulance. But by the end of that appt., it was in the 90's so we could take him ourselves. At CHOC, we needed to keep that number in the 90's for 24 hours before they would let us go home. He had several spells where it hung out in the 70's for a while, which always sent the nurses running to our room.
Watching numbers like this is exhausting!!

Poor pitiful boy with all his tubes. Hugging, holding and nursing him with all those cords was really hard.

He sure is precious, even while sick!

His was taken off the oxygen and tolerated it really well. He got a quick snuggle in with daddy, free from the oxygen, before daddy went home.
He slept A LOT, but it was always cut short by a visit with the nurse, asst. nurse, a doctor, a respiratory doctor, charge real rest.
This is his FANTASTIC nurse, Katie! We had a great experience at CHOC. They were so helpful and so kind. I love that they give you the same nurse each day (if they are working that day, of course), so having Katie every day was so comforting. It's nice to not have to repeat your story over and over. And they have a team of doctors that meet with you every day, so you know they are really trying to figure out what's going on, fix the problem, and send you home. I don't want to ever go back, but if we need to, I'm comfortable going there! :)
Now that we're home, we are just trying to get extra rest and keep Jake away from anyone that's sick since his lungs are weakened right now. As his cough develops, I am more panicked that he will get stuck in another bad coughing spell, so I am watching him like a hawk. He's not sleeping well. The coughing keeps him up, and he's still catching up on eating since he didn't for so long.
I am, once again, overwhelmed by all the love and support. I had meals delivered to the hospital and at home, mom and dad had the boys all week, and other's have helped out with the boys and other random things. THANKS EVERYONE!!!


Blogger Bec said...

I'm so sorry that you had to go through such a scary thing with your sweet little boy! I'm so glad that he is on the mend and I'm praying that he continues to improve and he catches up on his eating and sleeping and that you are able to rest. Praise God for such wonderful support from your family and friends! Give little Jake a snuggle for me!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

I've been praying for little Jake and your family. Thanks for the update and pictures!

2:40 PM  

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