Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Month 1

Well, we already have the first month behind us. For me, it's the most exciting, but the most challenging. Getting to know our new little man has been fantastic. I am trying to savor every moment. When I could just put him in his crib and let him nap, I'd rather just cuddle with him on the couch. He's been a really good baby too. That first week was really rough in the "routine" department.....no real sleep, just eating and changing diapers. But week 2 hit, and something clicked. Jake went to sleep late, and woke up early, but would only wake up once to eat. Week 3 & 4, he was super congested which threw everything for a loop. He had a really hard time sleeping and breathing. He also has a clogged tear duct that has made his eye really gross and green and gooey. :( It's been like that since he was 5 days old. We finally took him to the dr., and they gave him some eyedrops. It's helped, but it's still gooey. One of our biggest struggles has been poopy diapers. He blows out of almost each one. It's made for some very awkward moments as I try to "contain" a huge mess. In general, it's been a fairly smooth transition. We're so blessed to have him here, and for him to seem very healthy. Thank you God!
I made these "brother" shirts. :)
Just a few days old

Smiling in his sleep during that first week
"working" with mommy
Jake was 2 weeks old when he went to Disneyland for the first time. Matt and Eric's pass was expiring, so we wanted to go as a family of 5 before we couldn't anymore.

Jake started crying a little while we were in a line and he found his thumb for the first time. He definitely favors the pacifier though.

Hangin' with his oldest Bro
Eric is such a great helper. I was trying to get ready one morning and Jake was crying a bunch. So Eric sat on the couch with Jake and held his paci in. I did my hair, my make up, and got breakfast cleaned up. He's so good to mommy. :)


Blogger Shelly said...

The gooey eye thing - did the dr. tell you to massage his tear duct? If you gently rub where the eye meets the nose, it should help. I've had this in my newborns and it seemed to help.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Bec said...

Awwww he's so cute and I LOVE that Eric is such a good helper!
On the eye thing... My sister had this issue with Luke and she tried the breastmilk-on-the-eye thing and even though it sounds gross, it totally worked! Maybe try that?
Congratulations again on your new little man!

8:21 AM  

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