Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whale Watching

While there were no whales spotted on our trip, we saw a lot of dolphins, which was just as exciting for the kids. But Eric kept asking, "Well...what time are the whales coming?" He didn't quite get it. Nick actually spent most of the time inside the boat's cabin. I'm not sure why, but he really didn't want to come out to watch all the action. He could still see most of it though. We were able to convince him to come out near the end.
We found what they were calling a nursery. You can see the babies swimming next to their mommies. So cute!
Another mommy and her baby

Eric and a buddy, Nolen, loved watching the dolphins.
One of Nick's few moments outside...
There was one more pod of dolphins right as we were heading back into the bay.

Magic Mountain

Matt's work had a summer picnic this year at Magic Mountain. While it was HOT, and I was super uncomfortable the whole day, the boys all had a great time.

As soon as we went through the gate, the boys had their maps out and were figuring out where to go first.

Nick wasn't so sure about this twirling bus......
Playing games during the picnic time.

Roller coasters with daddy.

Pretty sure the boys yelled "choo-choo" during this entire ride.

1st day of School

Both boys are in preschool this year. Eric goes to a pre-k program 3 days a week, and Nick just goes on Thursdays. They are both doing well and really love it.
Eric's first day and the crafts that he made.The next day was Nick's first day of school.
Nick with his buddy Bryce playing with playdoh in class.

Water Fun

Nick got a spiderman water sprinkler for his birthday from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Brian. The boys had a blast running around in the greenbelt behind our home.

Beach Days

We spent a lot of time at the beach again this summer. Our favorite spot is still Balboa Bay. :)

Nick turns 3

I can't believe it! 3 years already....but it seems like forever at the same time. He is still just as stubborn and strong-willed as ever, but he also keeps us laughing. We decided to have a super small birthday party this year at Chuck E Cheese and everyone had a great time.
On his actual birthday, we had pool day at our house with all his friends.
That night, daddy took him to disneyland to get his first annual pass. :)


Well...I'm not so good at blogging, and I admit that. I wish I could go all the way back and do all the fun updates that I want to, but I can't. For those that stick around and still read - Thanks! 10 point to you for your perseverance! :) Let's see what I can do as far as updates go.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A little too honest

Our normal morning routine is that the boys get dressed while I am in the shower. Then we are all ready to go downstairs for breakfast together. I know that there is always a fair amount of playing and/or fighting while I'm in there. Many times I am shampooing my hair while helping them resolve a conflict or putting one (or both) on timeout. Today, when I turned the shower off, they were so loud, but it was all playing and belly laughing. No one was screaming or crying in pain. I fought the urge to tell them to "BE QUIET!", counted to 10 in my head, and then calmly called for them to come to me so I could remind them that they should be getting dressed. Here's how the conversation went:

Me- "Eric and Nick, please come here."
Eric- "(Groan....) How many spankin's do we get?"
Me- "What?! Why do you need a spankin'?" (I thought the usual: baby powder, crayons, or glue everywhere)
Eric- "We were being rude."
Nick- "Ya, we being rude."
Me- "What are you talking about? You guys sounded like you're having a good time and playing together. It was loud, but I don't see anyone hurt or crying."

(All said in a very matter-of-fact way)
Eric- "Well, we were rough-housing."
Nick- "And wrestling. And Eric chased me."
Eric- "Ya - I chased him and tackled him and we wrestled."
Nick- "We played on my bed."
Eric- "And I pretended to be a fire-engine that said 'What the heck'. I called Nick a little boy."
(And on and on it went)

Me- "Ok, well, it sounded like you guys were just playing. Now go get dressed."

Geez...sometimes I don't need EVERY detail, but I love the honesty!