Thursday, November 26, 2009

10 months pregnant!?!

I didn't think it would happen...seriously! I can't believe that my due date has arrived and that we don't have a baby in our arms already. This pregnancy has been quite a long journey. I spent the majority of it in a MAJOR nesting stage. My work room needed to be turned into a nursery, and I started that transition back in January before we even got pregnant. My options were to either box everything up and just store it away, or try and finish as many of the sewing/quilting projects as I could get to and have things ready to sell. I chose option #2. While it was a TON of work (and my back paid dearly for it), I'm so glad I did it all. I have 7 or 8 space bags full of baby blankets and other products for my website, all ready to go. It definitely feels organized, as opposed to just put away.
Here's a picture of the BEFORE...well, technically, it's the DURING. We're talking 70 baby blankets, 45 mini blankets, 20 shopping cart covers, several memory quilts.....not to mention all the fun stuff I wanted to make special for Jake. There was fabric shoved in every cabinet, drawer and rubbermaid storage box.

And here's the AFTER. We bought the pirate bedding, but I made a bunch of fun stuff for Jake too, including blankets, a shopping cart cover, boppy covers, a keepsake quilt, and nursing covers.

I even painted letters to match his bedding. :)

At 30 weeks pregnant, we went and had a 4d ultrasound. We've had one with all 3 boys now, and they really are neat. We thought he looked alot like Eric's ultrasound pictures, but Jake had a ton of hair already. You can see shadows of hair in the last picture.

At 35 weeks pregnant, a friend of mine took maternity shots for me. Didn't she do great!? Here are some of my favorites.

Then just a few weeks ago, the wonderful ladies at my MOPS table threw a double baby shower for my friend, Christina, and I. It was a small, but very special, celebration with very special women!
Christina and I, due 2 days apart from each other.
We don't do "serious" well.

One of my favorite gifts: matching shirts for all 3 boys. :)And, of course, a keepsake quilt from Grandma.
Last but not least, here's the last of the "belly shots", taken this morning at 40 weeks pregnant. I think my eyes say it all: I'm so DONE with this!
Nick wanted to get in on the action and asked us to take his picture too. Cutie-pie!


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