Monday, June 01, 2009

New Names

Today, we were running errands, and out of the blue, Eric says,

"Mommy, you can start calling me Tooters from now on."
Me - "Huh?"
Eric - "My name is now Tooters"
Me - "Why?"
Eric - "Because I toot ALL the time."
Me - "Oh...ok."

Nick wanted to jump into the conversation, of course.

Nick - "My name Cookie Monster."
Me - "Why do you want to be called Cookie Monster?"
Nick - "Because I like cookies a lot!"
Eric - "Then we should also call him Blueberry Monster, because he ate a lot of blueberries at Grandma's house."

I love my boys. :)


Blogger Emily said...

That's too funny! Our kids are always tooting so their names are Tooter McGee and Tooter McGoo. They named me Tooter McMommy and the fireman Tooter McDaddy. How funny is that?

4:40 PM  

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