Sunday, May 10, 2009

In Honor of Mother's Day....

I thought it was time to announce the next addition to our family on the blog. On St. Patrick's Day (right after dancing at the 24 hour Cancer Dance-a-thon), we found out that we are expecting our 3rd little kiddo. Here's how I broke the news to Matt.

As the note says, we are due on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26th.

Because I've had a couple miscarriages, my doctor has been monitoring me closely, which means I got an ultrasound at an early stage (6 weeks 5 days pg).

Here's the first peek at our teeny tiny baby!

I was warned, but didn't believe it. Apparently, with each pregnancy, you "POP" a little earlier. At 5 weeks I woke up and knew something was different. This picture was taken at 8 weeks.......eek! Let's just hope it mellows out a bit. :)

We'll keep you posted.


Blogger Amber said...

Look at that baby!! He/She is so beautiful!!!

Congratulations!! And a huge Happy Mother's Day to you!!

10:05 PM  

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