Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Silly Dog!

My computer was having trouble with all the december pictures that I needed to upload, but that's taken care of now. I'll be going through all our Christmas photos and posting those soon. In the meantime, this is what's going on in our house tonight. :)

We noticed over the last couple days that Harley's mouth looked really bad. We figured that it must be from her new, hard, plastic toy that she has eaten to pieces...well, it's cut her lips up really bad! So matt took her to the vet. $300 later - Harley had a bad infection in her mouth from all the cuts. She came home looking like a stumbling drunk because they had to sedate her. Matt felt (and still feels) bad for her.....I'm busting at the seems. She got stuck on the corner of the coffee table - oh my gosh - I about died. She was too tipsy to even figure out how to back up so that she wasn't stuck anymore. And we keep hearing her run into things, like chairs and corners of cabinets. I know she'll be fine, we've got the meds to help her, that's why this is so comical for me. Matt is sad enough for the both of us. :)


Blogger Erin McDonald said...

Poor animals and their people! I tell you it's a dog's life! Have fun laughing! And see you soon!!!

8:33 PM  

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