Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fly on the wall

So I finally started wrapping my Christmas presents...the day before Christmas eve. I was sitting on my bed and the boys were playing on the floor, and playing very nicely I might add. I'm sure they started to forget that I was even close by. After a while, I started listening in to the "game". They were re-enacting their birthday parties. :) When they got to the cake part at Eric's train party, Eric was trying to convince Nick to "be the cake". Nick sort of got it, and he certainly wanted to do it for Eric, but just wasn't sure how. "Just BE THE CAKE, Nick!" said a frustrated Eric. Finally, a compromise was made. "I be the candle", said a proud Nick. So he stood there, tall and still, while Eric sang happy birthday....to himself....and then blew out the candle, which had Nick crumble to the ground in response. Eric then shouted, "TIME TO EAT THE CAKE!" and starting attacking his little brother.

good times! :)

Monday, December 08, 2008


We have SO MUCH to be thankful for!!

Towel boys

The boys were goofing off one night after their bath and they were just so cute, I had to take pictures.

Eric's 4th Birthday Party

Eric birthday was lovely-in theory, but it was the same day as the terrible fires in Orange County. A dark cloud fell over the party...literally. The skies went from a beautiful blue to and orange/brown, the smell of smoke of awful, and ash was falling on everyone. Fortunately, the kids didn't seemed to fazed, but the party did end sort of abrubtly when everyone had to leave to go check on their homes. Eric seemed to have a great time, though, so that's really all that matters, right? Eric is a BIG fan of the Happy Birthday Song
The picture on top was taken as the beginning of the party, when the fire could be seen off in the distance.
The picture on the bottom was taken as one of friends left our house....scary stuff!

To Tennessee We go....

Anytime I catch the boys playing pretend, they are usually taking a "trip" to Tenn. They reenact the entire thing, from the plane trip to where we have dinner (and even ordering their lemonades at dinner), to the fishing trips. I know that trip to see my brother and his family was memorable for all of us, and we can't wait to go back.

In these pictures, I was listening in on them playing the Tennessee game, and I just had to peek in. They had cleared a section of the closet out and had made that their airplane. So cute! And SO great when they play nice together!!

The Steinys go Country

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Eric's Birthday

Eric turned a whopping 4 years old this year!! We all had a great time celebrating his birthday. First, we went to Disneyland with our playgroup. Not only did they give him a birthday button, our friend Amy bought him birthday ears, AND Mickey Mouse himself called to wish him a happy birthday in City Hall. Eric was so excited. Because of the hat and button, people were wishing him a happy birthday all day. He felt special. For dinner, we went to In N Out. Eric insisted on wearing his hat and pin, and the manager noticed it. So after we got our food and sat down, he came over and had Eric stand up on the table. He then told the whole restaurant to sing Happy Birthday to him. Eric's face just lit up, and Matt and I were beaming for him. The manager also gave Eric a milkshake. Talk about a good birthday dinner.

After dinner, we went and saw Madagascar 2 at the movie theater, which was fun for all of us. Nick was a little hard to contain, but the popcorn helped tremendously. :)
Opening up presents....with Nick's help.

Elf Yourself

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lots of catching up to do

I'm trying....I'll get to it all soon! I'm "elfing" my family first. :)