Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just too cute!!

enough said!

Whale Watching

If you read the post below, we had a nutzo weekend a little while back. On Monday of that weekend, we went whale watching. It was a blast! We found one blue whale pretty quickly and were able to follow it around for a long time. In the 5-8 minutes that the whale would go under water, we were able to play with a couple hundred dolphins that liked playing with our boat. The boys really enjoyed it!!

A crazy weekend

Before I get to pictures of Nick's 2nd birthday, I need to catch up on some other neat things that we've had going on. We had a CRAZY weekend a few weeks ago. On saturday, we had a family picnic, then we went to the circus, and then to disneyland for a tribute to dancers that have passed away. Long day....but a great day!!