Friday, July 11, 2008

A "Wicked" good time!

So I'm addicted.....I LOVE the Musical Wicked. I have seen it 3 times in the last month. In my defense - the first time was for my birthday. Matt and I went with our good friend's, Dave and Marci. And then it just happened that 2 great deals fell into my lap soon after. I couldn't pass it up! All 3 times were SO MUCH FUN!!

4th of July

looks like Nick is on fire, huh?

Balboa Bay Beach Day

Eric's new bike

Eric is big enough for a big bike (with training wheels, of course). He really enjoys it!

Cherry Picking

We love our annual Cherry Picking trip to Beaumont!

Nick is ready to go.

The trees were full!

Eric with his loot.

Nick soon realized that the bucket hanging on his neck with all those cherries in it was just like a roaming snack bowl.
He LOVED the cherries.....pits and all! :)