Monday, December 08, 2008

Eric's Birthday

Eric turned a whopping 4 years old this year!! We all had a great time celebrating his birthday. First, we went to Disneyland with our playgroup. Not only did they give him a birthday button, our friend Amy bought him birthday ears, AND Mickey Mouse himself called to wish him a happy birthday in City Hall. Eric was so excited. Because of the hat and button, people were wishing him a happy birthday all day. He felt special. For dinner, we went to In N Out. Eric insisted on wearing his hat and pin, and the manager noticed it. So after we got our food and sat down, he came over and had Eric stand up on the table. He then told the whole restaurant to sing Happy Birthday to him. Eric's face just lit up, and Matt and I were beaming for him. The manager also gave Eric a milkshake. Talk about a good birthday dinner.

After dinner, we went and saw Madagascar 2 at the movie theater, which was fun for all of us. Nick was a little hard to contain, but the popcorn helped tremendously. :)
Opening up presents....with Nick's help.


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