Sunday, September 14, 2008

First day of preschool

**sniff sniff** where has the time gone?? I know he's still little, but it seemed so weird to be taking him to "school". Fortunately, Nemo had a "first day of school", so Eric thought the whole concept was really cool. He seemed very hesitant when he first entered the room, and a little overwhelmed. I stood by the window and just watched. After a couple minutes of watching him just stand by the table with a clipboard and pencil in his hand, I finally crept over to the window, whispered his name and motioned for him to sit down and write his name (that's something they are supposed to do as soon as they get to school). But because I didn't want to be "that mother", I left after that. When I picked him up, the teacher said he was an angel, listened to instructions and followed directions, and helped out so much....which we witnessed. As Matt and I stood there and talked to the teacher, Eric was determined to help the teachers aid put away all the puzzles, even though we'd said hi and told him to come. He kept shouting, "I'm helping put away puzzles, hold on." He really enjoyed it!! Nick and I had a lovely morning just him and I. We went and had breakfast, ransacked a book store, and cleaned out our cars with daddy. :)


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