Sunday, September 14, 2008


Matt and I went away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We drove up the coast to Cambria. It was so nice. The weather was nice and cold. The place we stayed at was so quaint. It was a perfectly, relaxing weekend!
Our bed and breakfast was right on the beach.

We had a nice relaxing morning, with breakfast in bed provided by the inn. After we got ready, we went to see a local attraction. We got lucky, and a tour was about to start. Nitt Witt Ridge is a house made out of junk! It was fascinating!
A man named Art Beal really did live here for a very long time. He was the local trash collector. But instead of taking stuff to the dump, he just dumped it at his house and built what he called "the poor man's Heart Castle."

His workshops were still full of supplies from when Art Beal lived there 20 years ago.
Art used toilet seat covers as picture frames. The guy in the picture was our tour guide/pirate. hehe
The kitchen was still stocked with full was gross!
His and Hers bathroom, right next to the outdoor BBQ. How convenient.
Wallpaper made out of magazines.
Fancy window dressings made out of can tops.
The closet still had Art's cloth in it.
1958 Calendar

This is how he built the garden walls: beer cans and concrete.
A water case you get thirsty.
Another workshop, complete with his hat still hanging.
A water fountain made out of a bathtub and sinks.

After Nitt Witt Ridge, we had lunch in town, then headed back to our place. On the way down the road, we saw dolphins in the ocean, so we stopped and took pictures, and then walked on the beach for a while.

Matt went crab hunting.

This was taken from the bench right outside our room. Not a bad view, huh?!
After dinner, we took the evening tour at Hearst Castle, which is just up PCH from Cambria. Unfortunately, they don't let you use a flash for pictures, so they are pretty blurry. But the place is too amazing, so I had to share some pictures anyways. This was quite a contrast from our morning tour at Nitt Witt. :)

All the elevators in the Castle are Otis, which is the company that Matt works for. You can kinda make out the name in between the black buttons.
On the evening tour, they have volunteers that dress is period clothing (the 1930's). It was both weird and neat to see people walking the grounds, singing at the piano, playing poker, typing on typewriters or talking on phones in the guest rooms. Made the whole place come alive.


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