Thursday, March 20, 2008

Full of Funnies

Eric has been cracking us up lately. Not only did I want to share the stories, I also need to have them in print before we forget them.

Boys vs. Girls
A friend of mine had a baby last week. I called and left a message that went something like this, "I hope you're feeling well, I hope Logan is feeling better, call me later."
Eric asked, "Who was that?"
Me: "That was Amy. I was leaving a message."
Eric: "Who's Logan?"
Me: "Oh Eric, Amy just had a baby. His name is Logan, Ethan is now a big brother. Now we'll have another friend to play with."
He then let out this annoying breath and said, "I don't like boys."
Me: "What do you mean "you don't like boys"? You have lots of friends that are boys. Do you like girls?"
Again...another deep sigh, "No"
Me: "Well then, what do you like?"
"I just like FOOD."

Nick is now refusing to eat anything we give him for dinner. When we all sit down for dinner and I put his plate on the highchair tray, he looks at the plate and wrinkles up his face as if he saying, "Oh man...not this again....I want Chick-Fil-A....why are they feeding me...I'm so not going to wat it" It always amuses Matt and I, and Matt mimicked him the other night as we were both chuckling over his face. I commented on how alike Matt and Nick look, except for that "mustache-thing" on his lip. This is when Eric chimed in:

Eric: "What's a mustache?"
Me: "It's when a guy grows hair on his lips."
Eric: "Oh......I don't want a mustache!"

The 'new' resurrection story
Eric made a cross necklace this week in Mops. When we ask him what it is about, he answers "God". That night, he elaborated a bit on the story (with some persuassion from us). We told him that Jesus died on the cross. Eric replied, "he didn't die." We kept telling him that he did, but that it was so neat that in 3 days he wasn't dead anymore. For some reason, something appeared to click in his mind. He started telling us about this ONE GUY (he tends to do that in in on "one guy"). This "guy" stomped around (apparently), talked to alot of people.......Eric went on for a minute or so. Matt and I were really thinking that he remembered some part of the story they had told him in class. That's when the story took an unexpected turn: All of a sudden, "this "one guy" took another boy to the potty and then to nap time." The end.....
We have no idea what the heck it meant. It could've been something that just happened in class...who knows. :)

The GAS discovery
Nick was squatting while he played the other day and let "one" slide (passed gas). Like always, Nick stood up, swung his arms from side to side, and makes a blowing noise like it stinks or something. So the mom response is, "Nick, are you poopie?" Sweet Eric chimes in, "Don't worry, I'll check mommy." So he goes and sniffs..... Eric looks up at Nick and says, "it's ok Nick, it's just gas!" Then....

Last friday, we went out to eat at a restaurant. Near the end of the meal, Eric was in a comical mood. He wasn't loud or acting up, but very playful. He gets on his knees and turns towards me, probably getting ready to tell me something, and he let "one" slide. I jump right on it and say, "Eric, do you need to go poopoo?" And in a very confident, loud voice, he says, "No Mommy, it's just gas!" Matt and I IMMEDIATELY start telling him to whisper and not to talk like that in restaurants, but we were cracking up! That only motivated him to keep going. He was now loudly whispering, "GAS MOMMA...It's just GAS.....I have's GAS momma....." right in my face. We were dying....


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