Saturday, September 15, 2007

A GREAT day at Disneyland

Some friends of ours came up from Fallbrook and we spent the day at Disneyland. We went and watched some shows and rode a bunch of fun rides. The weather was some what cooler than it's been, so it was a great day. Nick is really getting into all the different things there too. As soon as we left the parking structure, Nick starts shaking in arms and giggling, like he knows exactlly what's about to happen. :)

Our 6th Anniversary

A few months ago, I asked Matt if I could be in charge of our anniversary celebrations for the year. So I've been cooking up a surprise. Last friday after Matt got home from work, he showered and I loaded him into our packed car. He napped on the way down to the port, and I woke him up as we were driving into the parking lot. When we got there, he woke up and looked around, confused, and said, "are we going on a cruise?!?!" Success!! :)

The cruise took us to Ensenada and back. In Ensenada, we got off the ship, got massages and ate some tacos, then headed back on board to relax by the pool.

The "black pearl" from Pirates of the Caribbean is "parked" down in Ensenada.

Formal Night and our anniversary fell on the same day. They brought us a cake and we shared it with our table.

Random shots around the ship

Midnight Mexican Buffet!!

Rock Climbing on the ship

Drinks at the poolside BBQ

Our super fun table! :)

End of August Pics

We had some fun playdates this month. We love hanging out with our friends. Eric has become quite the swimming fanatic.

Eric tried on a tux for Uncle Mickey's wedding.

I went to wake Nick up from a nap one day and found him like this.