Monday, August 27, 2007

Fun videos!

Eric helps me with the dishwasher every time. He likes to load the soap and start it. In the video, you can see him struggle with getting the door to close. I had taught him to push the "O" in Options....there just wasn't enough force behind it. Since then, he has learned to apply his palms to the door and push. He says, "you put one hand here....and one hand here.....and push!" and it clicks.

This was a very proud moment for Matt and I. As parents that dance, it was so cool to watch. We went out with some friends to a dance event in Anaheim. Out of the blue, Eric asked Jenae to dance. She said yes, and he took her by the hand and led her to the floor. They were having a great dance, but it came to a grinding hault with a helicopter flew over head. It was a lovely moment up until that.

Nick Snoring VERY loudly

A Baby Shower for Ann

The mother-to-be and the shower hosts
Marci's AMAZING cupcake display!!

I made a SnugRug for Ann that matched her nursery bedding.

Ann's trying on her nursing cover.

Date Night

Eric and I had our first official "date night" last week. He "took" me to our favorite nice restaurant, Chick-fil-a, then to Disneyland to see Fantasmic. Eric loved the show, especially the dragon spitting fire on the water and seeing his favorites like Mickey, Buzz and Beauty & the Beast.

The boys keeping themselves entertained during our hour and a half wait. Luckily, a family in front of us was watching Finding Nemo on a portable DVD player. :)

Eric and his friend Ben-who, by the way, can't take a normal picture together to save our lives!

Nick's First Birthday

The night before the party, Eric helped mommy and mommy's friend get ready by putting fishy candies on the cupcakes. He loved telling people that "he made the cupcakes".

Nick handled the day like such a champ. It took him a while to get in to having so many people in his house, but he had such a good time. He enjoyed opening gifts, and LOVED his cupcake. He broke it in half, and then halves again, and devoured the cupcake in a few bites.

This was the "hit" gift of the day: A t-shirt that says "DANGER is my middle name". We have since bought the shirt in all the sizes they had available.

A Beach Themed Cupcake Tree

Party's Over: NAP TIME!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hooded Towel Photo Shoot

My friend who makes stuff for our BabySnugBug website just added personalized hooded towels to her services. I loved them and ordered some for the boys. One morning, we did a mini photo shoot so I can put some pics on the website. Such doll faces!!

OC Fair

We spent a Sunday evening at the Orange County Fair with some friends a few weeks ago. Eric definitely got a kick out of the petting zoo. There were llamas, deer, pigs, kangaroos, chickens, a was a really cool petting zoo. We then walked around the garden and farm areas, before hitting the food! There were some high and low points to the food, but for dessert, we tackled the deep fried snickers and twinkies. The snickers won, hands down!

A day at the Beach

Normally, we are not beach people. But some friends invited me to go and I didn't want to pass on the chance to visit with them. The boys had a fantastic time, despite Eric getting stung by a bee. He was a champ and handled the 30 minutes of us digging the stinger out of his arm as well as could be expected. Nick loved eating the wet sand, even though we tried numerous times to discourage it. And they both enjoyed getting wet. It was a little overcast, but the water was great and it didn't get to be unbearably hot.

Random Summer Pictures

Eric's way of wearing sunglasses
The boys sure LOVE each other, except when they are playing with toys that the other one wants.

Nick now has 5 teeth
Goofy Kids

Thursday, August 02, 2007

4th of July

Our 4th of July tradition is to party with my best friend's family. Not only do they cook an amazing meal, but we can shoot off fireworks. First, Eric had a great time playing in the pools. But the best part for him was the fireworks. He loved the sparklers.

Nick's New teeth

As of June, Nick has 3 teeth, although there are 2 more that are really close.

Goofy's Kitchen

It might cost a small fortune to dine at Goofy's Kitchen, but the good food and great times was worth it. Eric is NOT a fan of the characters, but Nick didn't seem to mind.

May fun!

Our yearly mother-daughter retreat to Hume Lake with the entire family, even the new sister-in-law to be, Tara.

Road Trip 2007

At the end of April, we took 2 weeks off and did a road trip to Colorado. We packed a huge ice chest and stopped along the way for lunches. Both boys enjoyed the picnics.

Our first night was spent in Las Vegas. We stayed at Circus Circus, which was great for Eric. He loved watching the circus acts. Of course, we had to win some stuffed animals in the carnival area. We spent the evening walking the stripe, which was longer and harder than we thought it would be.

We drove through Zion and stayed in a tiny town called Richfield. It had a great "wings" restaurant! Then we spent a night in Grand Junction before reaching our destination: Colorado Springs!

The purpose for the trip, other than a vacation, was to stay in Glen Eyrie. Glen Eyrie was the setting for the childhood ghost stories. To be able to see it, and stay there, and walk around was so cool for me. It is an absolutely beautiful place!!

Besides Glen Eyrie, we also took in some of the local sights like the Garden of the Gods and the Cave of the Winds.

After 2 days in Colorado Springs, we started heading home by way of Camp Verde, Arizona. There is a wonderful little place called Out of Africa. It a wildlife preserve. We were fortunate enough to be there on the day where they let you follow the staff around as they feed the animals. One part of the tour leads you through an enclosure by bus and lets you feed the animals. Both giraffe and ostrich have no fear and would come right up (and IN) our bus. It was so fun!!

(In case you're trying to figure it out, that's a skinned horses head inside the lion's mouth)

(Did you know that hyenas "moo" when they are happy, and laugh when they are angry or about to attack?)