Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Day

Easter morning and the boys get their baskets. Eric followed a trail of jelly beans that led him to them. As you can tell, it didn't take him long before sampling the candy.
Nick and his "girlfriend" Katelyn

Pictures at Grandma's

The hunt begins....Nick wasn't really into competing this year.

Eric was the only person hunting this year. It didn't take long until the basket got too heavy and Eric had to hire daddy to carry it. He was promised some of the loot though, so he didn't mind.

Dying Easter Eggs

Eric enjoyed dying eggs, while Nick couldn't figure it all out really. Eric wasn't too sure why he couldn't just toss the eggs into the dye without our help.....fortunately, after scrubbing our hands AND taking a shower, WE were speckled anymore.

Easter Portraits

St. Patty's Portraits


Both boys LOVE bathtime!!!

March Stuff

St Patty's Day party with our Sprouts Playgroup
Eric drinking green tea from his little stein at the party.

We are fixing up our backyard right now, so Eric and I have been planting.

Matt's brother Mickey is getting married!! He proposed to Tara on their one year anniversary, and then surprised her with a HUGE engagement party back at her parent's house. We are SOOOO thrilled to have her as part of our family!!!!

Eric had an early Easter egg hunt with our Mops group.

Pismo Beach

Ever year (well, almost every year) we go camping in Pismo Beach over President's Day Weekend. It's a nice, long, and usually cold weekend, but always a HUGE BLAST!! Both boys had a great time, especially Eric. He loved playing with all the kids. And Nick loved being held by everyone

Eric really got a kick out of getting to sit around the fire and be one of the big kids.

We always go sledding on the sand dunes.

The beach is just a short 10 minute walk away. We went sand dollar hunting.

Best Buds

Eric and Nick really love each other!

Catching up

Now let's see...where did I leave off?? CHRISTMAS!!

This is the 3 little cousins on Christmas Eve. Aunt Sue bought them matching outfits. :) From left to right: Nick, Luke and Bryce

Christmas morning started early for us: 5:30am. We did it that way so we could have breakfast with the family and still do our own little family christmas together. The boys had matching pj's too.
After spending the day at Mom and Dad's, we went to see my brother and his family. The boys really love playing together...all 6 of them!

Don't give up!!

Man...I suck! I just can't keep up with blogging....I promise I'll try harder. To anyone who actually checks this, don't give up on me!!!