Tuesday, October 16, 2007

GREAT Conversations

Eric and I have had some great conversations lately. Here's my 2 favorite from the day.

I picked him up from his MOPS class and he ran to show me his craft.

Eric "Look Mommy, I made you a craft!"
Mommy "Oh Eric, I love it, what's it about?"
Eric "Samuel"
Mommy "What's Samuel doing?"
Eric "He's at church and he's sleeping, and then he wakes up."
Mommy "Then what happens?"
Eric "God say Hi, and Samuel say 'God, I not call you..."

That's as far as he could go..... hehe

And then we were just chatting about the Bob and Larry songs on the car ride home, we dicussed how proud I was of him for staying dry. His response was:

Eric "I stay dry - had no 'a-kee-dents' - I tell my teacher 'I gotta go potty' - Daddy be so proud - and soooo happy - ALL my friends be so happy (that) I stay dry"
Mommy "I know...we are all so happy that you stayed dry this morning. And did you eat all your lunch."
Eric "Yes mommy, I eat it all gone. I so so so so Big."
Mommy "You are so big. What do you want to be when you get bigger?"

After thinking about it for a few seconds.....
Eric " A mommy!"
Mommy "A mommy?!?! You want to be a mommy when you get big?"
Eric "I want to be just like YOU mommy!"

Sigh......my heart just melts!!


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