Monday, August 27, 2007

Fun videos!

Eric helps me with the dishwasher every time. He likes to load the soap and start it. In the video, you can see him struggle with getting the door to close. I had taught him to push the "O" in Options....there just wasn't enough force behind it. Since then, he has learned to apply his palms to the door and push. He says, "you put one hand here....and one hand here.....and push!" and it clicks.

This was a very proud moment for Matt and I. As parents that dance, it was so cool to watch. We went out with some friends to a dance event in Anaheim. Out of the blue, Eric asked Jenae to dance. She said yes, and he took her by the hand and led her to the floor. They were having a great dance, but it came to a grinding hault with a helicopter flew over head. It was a lovely moment up until that.

Nick Snoring VERY loudly


Blogger Brooke & Bryce's Mommie said...

These are so Cute Laurinda! I wish I could keep up with a blog like this. Thanks for sharing!!!

12:18 PM  

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