Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Tree Lot

Well, we have a fake tree in our house, which is still just odd to me, but Matt humors me and took us all to the tree lot 2 nights ago. Eric LOVED it. He was running around, hiding between trees, and kept saying, "BIG tree, baby tree, BIG christmas tree". It was really sweet. In the end, we took home a tree top (Eric's baby tree) that Eric hauled to the car himself.

Eric hauling his tree to the truck.

When we were paying for our tree top, the lady gave Eric a "lick-a-pop" (or candy cane to everyone else) and Eric had that thing eaten by the time we got home. We did detour through a few neighborhoods to see christmas lights, but still......

Friday, December 15, 2006

Pictures with my boys

Eric pictures

Eric has been refusing to take pictures when our photographer friend is over, so we still don't have his 2 year portraits done. But these are just a few of the cute ones he WOULD let us take.

Santa Pictures

Nick's 3 month pictures

Nick's first haircut

Nick was born with a THICK mop of long dark hair. By 2 1/5 months old, it was hanging an inch past his ears, and would NOT lay down flat. So we took him to get a haircut. Going with the middle name Danger, the lady styled his hair into a mohawk. :)

While we were at it, Eric got his hair cut too. And can you tell....he really likes Nick's bumbo seat.

Eric's Birthday Party

Last month, Eric turned 2 years old!! For his birthday, we had a big party at Pump It Up. It's a large party zone with giant inflatable play equipment. We all had so much fun!

Eric sliding down one of the tall slides.