Thursday, November 16, 2006


This past weekend, Eric went to a harvest festival with some friends while Matt and I went to a wedding. Eric played some carnival type game and won a goldfish. It's Eric's first pet, and we're hoping he doesn't get too attached to it. When we ask Eric what his fishy's name is, he says, "blub-blub" (like the fishy noise). :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The beginnings of potty training

And the madness begins...... We are definitely NOT going at this full-speed, but we are trying to plant the seeds. However, the toilet scares Eric to death. So we decided to start small. He had to start by sitting on the potty with his clothes ON, and he's reading the potty book. So far so good. He'll actually go without his clothes off now, and has even "tinkled" a few times. For the most part, he just likes to sit and read. And when he's done, he gives the toilet a hearty "BYE!!!" as he flushes.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Halloween Night

On Halloween, we went to the party in the morning, then trick-or-treating at Grandma & Papa's. Afterwards, we went to our friends house to walk around their block, then passed out candy for the rest of the evening. Eric's favorite part was definitely passing the candy out. He'd stand at the door and tell people as they walked by, "Come on, come on."

Smart Eric

After Eric got his candy from everyone, he went and found a hidden spot where he could eat in peace.

Halloween Party

A friend of our works at a home for disabled adults, and she invited us to come "trick-or-treat". It was really sweet. All of the adults were in wheelchairs, and they were situated throughout the house so we could go around and let the kids get candy. Then they got to decorate cupcakes and play bingo. Eric was a caveman and Nick was his little dinosaur.

More Pumpkin Patches

As you can see, Eric did the pony ride at this pumpkin patch too. They were nice enough to let him stay on it until other kids got in line, which was a good 10 minutes. He LOVED it!!

This is Eric's friend, Joseph. They sat on the curb together, drinking juice and sharing goldfish.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pumpkin Patches

We had lots of fun at different pumpkin patches in the weeks leading up to Halloween. At the Irvine Park Pumpkin Patch, there was a train ride, pony ride and, of course, PUMPKINS!

Eric really loves horseys, and we tried letting him ride one at the Fair a while back, but he was so scared. We tried again, and he LOVED it. He kept "talking" to the horse in their own language. It was really sweet.

Back to the computer

So I'm back to a regular computer life! I have spent every waking (and sleeping) moment for the last month thinking about my new business: And whenever I have real computer time, I've been creating the website. I'm sooo glad it's finally finished and business is open. I even got my very first order this morning-direct from the website. How cool is that?!?! Anyways-I'm going to go catch up on pictures and do a few October posts before moving into November. :)