Saturday, October 14, 2006

Newest Cousins

A few weeks ago, we had our annual Steinmeyer BBQ. It was the first time that we had the three newest family members in one place. Luke and Bryce are just a month or so older than Nick.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More Funnies

Eric's latest and greatest thing right now is to refuse to eat. My kid??? I promise he is.....this has got to be a phase. So last Sunday, I told him he HAD to finish 2 little pieces of chicken. He even had ranch to dip it in. I also said he'd have to take his nap right away if he wasn't going to eat. Well....5 minutes to think by himself, and he opted for the nap.....right in his highchair.

Eric LOVES books!! Any chance he can read, he'll take. And we've only got 150 or so books to keep him busy. Of course, he wants to include Nick in everything he does, so Nick is "made" to sit and read with Eric. It's so cute to watch him tell Nick what each animal is and what noise they make.

Nick handles the constant reading pretty well. However, Eric gets a little pushy sometimes and will just start piling the books on top of Nick. Eric just expects Nick to love books as much as he does. All in good time......